Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun Funnels, GoGirls, and Tall Buildings

I spent the 4th of July on the rooftop of a friend's apartment building. It was an amazing view--we could see the fireworks of 6 cities. But that is far from the amazing part.

Being six floors away from a toilet makes things a pain in the ass for us ladies. Who wants to leave the party to trudge up and down so many flights of stairs, just so you can pee for 30 seconds? Luckily, my friend Crystal makes these amazing devices called Fun Funnels. She gave me one to try.

It's essentially a disposable cardboard penis. You fold it up, push the tabs in, and shazam! You've gained entry to a world formally available only to men. So there I was, on top of the city, looking down at the cars on the street, wind blowing through my hair, pissing on the treetops. It was an amazing feeling. She sells them at the link above, and I highly recommend giving it a try. It will change your life.

This got me thinking about fieldwork in Belize. If I'm working and hydrating 8 hours a day in the deep jungle, where exactly do they expect me to pee? Will it be a dingy portapotti? Will it be squatting with the leafcutter ants and the tarantulas? A bucket? A shovel and a pat on the back?

As much as I love Crystal's device, it's a single-use kind of thing. I needed something more durable to get me past all of the questionable commodes I may be facing. Another friend told me to check out the GoGirl.

I was excited by its portability and its price. So I bought one. It came in the mail today, and it's next to me on the table, right now, just begging to be used. It's time to find another tall building.

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