Friday, July 3, 2009

Introductions, Etc.

I started this blog to document my travels for friends and family. The next trip, and the first for Bipedal Locomotive, is Belize.

Joining a class of UCLA students, I'll be digging up the ruins of a site, Aguacate, that has never been excavated, researched, or even looted. It's an exciting opportunity, and I'll be there for five weeks starting July 26.

Underneath this hill, for example, is a small temple that I'll get to crack open for the first time in about a thousand years.

I'll be staying at a resort in a "rustic cabana" just outside of San Ignacio, about 8 miles from the Guatemalan border. Besides digging, I'll be visiting important archaeological sites in both Belize and Guatemala. And I'll most likely get in a bit of beach time as well.

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